The spellbinding true story of the journey from penniless street urchin to multi-millionaire diamond magnate, from war hero to motor racing legend, from debutant to spitfire pilot...the incredible Barnato family.

Barney Barnato rose from a childhood in the slums of London’s East End to become a multi-millionaire diamond and gold magnate in 19th century South Africa, amassing a fortune through a combination of his own manual labour and a phenomenal head for finance. His life cut short under mysterious circumstances the mantle passed to...

His son, Joel ‘Woolf’ Barnato, war hero and perhaps the world’s greatest ‘all ‘round’ sportsman. Wicket keeper for Surrey County Cricket Club, undefeated heavyweight boxer, scratch golfer and most significantly, the greatest racing driver in history. As the leader of ‘The Bentley Boys’, Woolf remains the only man ever to maintain a 100% success rate in the world famous ‘Le Mans’ 24 hour race, his third victory culminating in the race to end all races, the challenge to beat the express locomotive ‘Le Train Bleu’ across the continent in a historic and occasionally terrifying sprint back to Mayfair. Then there was Diana...

Woolf’s daughter, debutante, maverick pilot and oh yes, fastest woman on earth!

BARNATO follows three generations of one remarkable dynasty whose drive to succeed in whatever discipline they chose was truly legendary …I’d hold on tight if I were you!

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